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Choosing my name

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Anne, Anne with an "e" that's what I wanted my new name to be. I was around ten years old when I discovered that "everyone" had a middle name except me. Apparently complaining to my parents relentlessly until they finally had enough and told me to choose a middle name for myself if I really wanted one that badly. What did I want it to be? I knew immediately, my favorite book and T.V series at the time was Anne of Green Gables, I claimed the same name for myself, with an "e" the same way that my little heroine of the time spelled hers.

I am sure my parents thought I would soon tire of the name, although for quite some time I spent hours perfecting writing my new name, proudly filling pages with it as well as practicing my new signature. For weeks whenever we went into the village where we lived I would run up to my mother's friends and even shopkeepers proudly telling them my new name, Anne with an "e". It only happens rarely now I'm so much older but whenever anyone asks the spelling of my name I smile to myself as I say Anne with an "e" remembering the determination I had and the excitement of that time in my life.

Have you ever chosen a name for yourself or someone in your family? Perhaps a new brother or sister? What name did you choose and why? Did you or anyone in your family change their name? If so what is the story behind it?

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