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Christmas traditions - Movies

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Do you and your family have particular movies that you watch together to cerebrate the season? This was discussed with much hilarity at a party I was at last night. I don't remember watching a particular movie as a family in my childhood, however we formed our own tradition as our boys grew older. Over the past decade we have always spent Christmas Eve watching Love Actually and Christmas morning while opening presents together watching Die Hard. Very different movies, the first being a romantic British comedy, made all the more endearing as we expats enjoy the connection to our homeland, even though the eight different couples and their relationships are more than a little complicated.

Die Hard is more of a "comedic" adventure and action movie, which is not to be taken too seriously. There are various scenes that result in us all cheering or collapsing in uncontrolled laughter, always a good thing to do, especially during the holiday season. I am looking forward to it even more so this year as my eldest son arrives home a day earlier than usual to celebrate the time with us.

Do you have a favorite movie tradition during the holidays? If so what is it & why is it meaningful to you? Please share.

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