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Fall is here

#fall #comfortfood #family #childhoodmemories #newblog After the warmth of yesterday today is downright chilly & damp. While I don't feel quite ready to let go of summer & my lighter clothing, it's time for me to accept & embrace fall & all the colors & coziness it brings with it. I've already put out my pumpkins on the porch & enjoyed a few evenings with candles lighting up the early darkness with their flickering flames. It's time for cozy fall food made in the slow cooker which I love as the smell is wonderful to come home to as well as the relief that supper is already made, no extra work to be done.

My favorite cooler weather food brings back memories of us gathering every Saturday evening around the table. My dad would always cook on the weekend, coming from Lincolnshire in England we loved the spicy Lincolnshire sausages which were accompanied by baked jacket potatoes, English Heinz baked beans (they had to be Heinz) & grated cheese which is amazing as it melts into the hot potato. Sometimes there would be a huge bowl of grated cheese on the table or if dad had run out of time we would pass the chunk of cheese & the grater around the table. To this day this is my very favorite meal & my go to comfort food. I can find the sausages online in the USA, they are not quite the same as I remember but good enough. The beans I can find at an extortionate cost at our local super market although I have been known to order a case of them from Amazon. Yes we really do get through that many cans of beans.

Do you have a favorite food from your childhood that you still enjoy to this day? What is it & what memories does it bring back?

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