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Feeling the magic in life

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This morning in CT it is snowing, not enough to stop my morning routine and be disruptive but just enough to catch my eye as I look out of our living room window and am truly caught up in the beauty of a passing snow shower. We have tall evergreens in our back yard, the contrast of the dark green and the clean fresh white snow is truly magical. I stood at the window for several minutes while holding my hot tea caught up in the beauty of nature. Taking deeps breaths and embracing the moment. Do you ever have those moments when you feel so connected to nature, to the universe and feel that sense of pure bliss? What are those moments? What can you do to ensure you have more of them in your life? Slowing down and breathing, taking in your surroundings, tuning in to your senses connects me most of the time. It's good for our souls to do this every day, taking a moment to experience wonder and gratitude.

The snow made me think of the times as a child when it snowed. At the time we lived in Lincolnshire, England. I loved the excitement of putting on a little red woolen coat, mittens (with elastic sewn to each one which were threaded through my coat sleeves so they couldn't get lost) and thick socks with a pair of wellington boots, known as wellies. The times I loved most were when my dad would come outside with me and help to make a big snowman. The ones he made were always taller than me, once it was completed he would take me to the coal shed and help me choose small pieces of coal for the eyes, nose and mouth adding sticks for his arms.

Then I would run to the back door where my mum was watching from the window. She would hand me a long scarf to wrap around the snowman's neck to keep him "warm". When it was too cold or I was too tired to stay outside any longer we would head indoors to sit by the fire with a hot cup of milk, hanging our wet coats and gloves up to dry. Somewhere in our family is a photo of me, my dad and a snowman. I will have to ask my parents and see if they have a copy. Such a sweet memory, one I had forgotten about. If I hadn't taken the time to enjoy that few minutes watching the snow, caught up in the magic I might never have thought of this time.

As a child I was devoted to my dad, thought he was the most wonderful person in the world. As I grew older of course I recognized that he had his faults and trials as we all do, however I do still adore him and wish we lived closer. He has recently been through radiation treatment for cancer and the ache of fear that caught in my throat when he told me was instant, I feel it again now as I write this. Being British he was very stoic about it all, never really complained when I called him to check his progress although he did lose a huge mount of weight which worried me no end. He's all done with treatment now and was feeling much better in time for Christmas festivities. I plan to visit in the spring and spend some much needed time hanging out watching the motor racing on T.V or in the garden if it's warm enough.

What precious memories does a snow fall help you recall? Or what wonderful experiences have you remembered recently? It doesn't have to be snow related. We need these moments in our lives, please share I'd love to know.

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