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Have you ever committed forgery? Hopefully not on any major legal document and if indeed that is the case, here is not the place to confess, that would need to take place somewhere private, not anywhere that could be overheard or recorded on any lurking cell phone.

My confession of forgery is much more forgivable, perhaps you may have done the same?

As a teenager in high school I hated gym class with a passion. I'm not sure of the exact reason, I suspect a combination of getting hot and sweaty and not being able to shower before the next class (although that wasn't completely true, showers were available but the only changing rooms were communal and at that vulnerable age most of us were so aware of our bodies and the changes that were taking place during those years that our instinct was to hide behind towels doing our best to keep out of sight) it wasn't that we didn't want to shower, feel fresh and clean, we just wanted to stay small and hidden from view.

I have never really enjoyed group activities, preferring to do things on my own, although I was pretty good at netball, cross country and hockey in the last few years of school, it was the competitive streak in me. It was more to do with the awful gym uniform we had to wear. While the boys got to wear shorts, us girls had to wear the ugliest enormous navy blue gym knickers ever created. I think it was impossible for anyone but the most beautiful girl in school to look even remotely attractive in them.

I remember going with my mum before the new school year to a small shop in the village to buy the required uniform, only two small shops in our village sold the items needed and they often had to be ordered a few weeks ahead of time. They were a really thick uncomfortable material, not even a glimpse of flesh could be seen through them.

This combination of dislikes led to me forging many letters over the years from my mother to the gym teacher excusing me from gym class for various reasons. More than once I dared to enter the teachers small office, take the letter from her desk, change the date and reuse it. I have no idea how I got away with it, I was never "caught" although the teacher must have suspected something. I was one of the quiet ones and caused little trouble so perhaps that is why I got away with it for so long.

I find it amusing to think that someone up above, some higher power must be having the last laugh, all that effort I went to in avoiding exercise classes and for the last twelve years or so have been teaching them in one form or another. Now of course I take part in some form

of exercise most days, it's my life line, good for both my body and mind.

Not that you have to confess right here, but I'm curious, have you ever forged a document, or a letter? If so what and why? Were there consequences or did you get away with it? Please tell:)

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