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Kitten Love

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Looking through some old family photos recently I found one of myself as young child with our beautiful seal point Siamese kittens. Until seeing this photo I had forgotten all about this moment. I was around six years old when my mum came to find me as I was playing in the garden, one of my favorite places to be. My dad was in one of our sheds which had been converted into a comfortable home for our beautiful but grumpy cat Jezebel and her new family. I sat still and quiet in a little nest I had made for myself among the straw, watching intently, I was not quite sure what was about to happen although I knew Jezebel's kittens were due. I had never seen kittens being born before. One by one six tiny furry bodies appeared. Jezebel showed an usually soft side to her nature as she carefully pulled each kitten towards her, washing their bodies carefully as she laid herself gently into the straw the tiny bodies making small squeaking sounds, the beginnings of what would become their much louder meows.

Such a special moment, such beautiful little creatures. Jezebel had come to us from my grandmother who's own Siamese cat Ming had kittens and I had been allowed to choose one to take home. Beautiful as she was, she was never really a "pet" as such, she had a bad temper and did not enjoy being cuddled unless it was on her terms. She was really there for my parents to breed the kittens to sell on as they were perfect pedigree cats. I was sad to see them being taken away one by one over the following couple of months.

Now that I know differently I would never buy a pet, there are far too many in the already overflowing animal shelters. All our cats since then have been rescues and I encourage rescuing an animal at every opportunity. A few years later when still a child we acquired a Lassie dog (collie) all three of the dogs we had over the years were from rescue centers.

I encourage you to take a look through some older photos, happy memories only please. Is there a memory you had forgotten about that you would not have remembered without looking through old pictures? Do you have special memories of pets that you had as a child or with your own children?

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