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Left handed? I think not!

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My mother who is now almost eighty years old had told me her story on this subject years ago, it was mentioned in conversation in an off handed way, just a casual remark. Looking back now that I am an adult I can hear the hurt & pain in her voice. I was too young at the time to register any real significance in her comment.

Recently during a chair yoga class I was teaching whilst doing hand exercises a lady called out, "I still get confused with my left & right, when I was young I was not allowed to use my left hand" a couple of others called out in agreement. Like my mother they had been left handed but because that did not fit with the expectation of being right handed, these poor ladies as children would either have the left hand tied behind their backs so it could not be used or if they were like my mother & they would have a paper bag tied over the left hand and if they were seen trying to use it the covered hand would be beaten with a stick or worse. Needless to say these poor children soon learned not to use their preferred dominate hand.

How terrible, I was truly shocked when I heard this, especially as I knew my mother had been through this unreasonable torture. She had already endured enough in her life without this additional cruelty. Like the yogi in my class she had terrible memories of this part of her childhood.

Do you or any of your relatives have a similar situation of control in your lives? Where you forced to be someone that was not really you? Did this have a lasting impact on your life? If so what? Did you overcome it? If so how? Feel free to reply in the comments or email me directly, link on the main page. Thank you for reading.

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