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Apple picking

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Today was a day off, I look forward to these days when I am on my own most of the day. The day started well with me easily waking up to my alarm & making it on time to a favorite 6.30 am exercise class. I was really proud of myself staying committed to making it out the door on time now that it is still dark when I need to leave. It was one thing getting there in the lighter warmer days of summer. My commitment will be further tested once the cold sets in....

Once home again I made up a new batch of our favorite gluten free & healthyish muesli, which my husband enjoys even more than I do, we should be stocked up on it for another week or so.

Some fall gardening & tidy up followed, I always enjoy spending time out side, a real joy & passion of mine to be outside even if it is emptying the pots of their once beautiful blooms. The tomato plants are hanging in there & still producing at a slow but steady rate. I'm not sure what I did differently to any other year but we enjoyed an amazing crop of them, I have given away as many as we have managed to eat.

It was a day of self care as I kept my annual visit at the doctors, I always reward myself after doing something I consider unpleasant but necessary & pulled off at our local apple picking farm.

It was such a beautiful day outside, unseasonably warm for October, perfect for apple picking, midweek there was no one there except myself. It didn't take me long but the experience of being outside & filling my own bag of produce was very enjoyable.

It reminded me of apple picking when I was growing up. The home we had when I was a child had several apple trees as well as a huge plum tree which was just outside my bedroom window.

It was a family affair & well organized by my dad, he had a long tool which extended & could reach even the highest branches, we were allowed to climb a short ladder to access the fruit within safer reach. My younger brothers & I would run around collecting the apples as my dad cut them down from on high, we sometimes tried to catch them as they fell.

I'm sure that slowing down & taking the time to go & pick the apples myself instead of the easier quicker option of buying a box at the farm stand bought back this happy memories.

It was so satisfying this afternoon to choose an apple, wash it & eat it with a slice of cheese, another food related memory from childhood.

What fall activity or favorite dish reminds you of your childhood? If you don't have time to write it down just pause for a moment & enjoy the memory.

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