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My first pet

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I was five or six years old when I finally got my first pet. I had been wanting a kitten for a long time. It seemed as if all my friends had pets and I wanted one too.

We had owned a beautiful Siamese cat when my brother was born, I have a few memories of her, she was so pretty but very temperamental and would often lash out if I tried to stroke her. Apparently she was aptly named as Jezebel, she was caught several times climbing into my brother's pram while he was sleeping and according to my parents trying to sit on his face, as an adult I like to think that she was just being a curious cat and maybe she would never have done any harm. Although as a parent of a small baby I probably would not have taken the chance either. So poor Jezebel went to live in another home.

Time rolled around to my birthday, I carefully and excitedly opened a big cardboard box that had been wrapped in paper. Out popped this adorable little black kitteny face, I was in love. He was the first of many cats over the years, my furry friends. A long time black and white feline friend called Jasper would occasionally be subjected to becoming in my mind a "horse" for my Sindy dolls (the English version of Barbie) normally a loving creature I did receive a scratch or two during those play sessions. He moved with us from Lincolnshire to Scotland and back again. I was heartbroken as a teenager when he unwittingly ate some poison a neighbor had left out. After Jasper came Sooty and Dusty, adorable brothers who lived with my dad long after I had left home at age seventeen. Once married and with my own children the cat tradition continued, even transporting two brothers Socks and Smudge from England to Connecticut when we did a transatlantic move.

My love of cats has remained, we currently have two, Mittens and Toby. I can't imagine ever living without at least one cat. They are my silent (or not) companions as I read and write, watch a movie or snuggle in bed. They greet me most mornings by jumping onto the bed, walking around my pillow and purring a wake up call, sometimes much earlier than I would prefer to be roused. We also enjoyed living with three different border collies over the years growing up. If I had the time and the space for them to run this would be my choice of a breed. They were such loving and affectionate dogs.

We always sought out a local rescue center for our pets, that is still the same for us today.

Did you have a pet as a child? If so what did you have? What name did you choose and why? Do you still have the same type of pet as an adult as when you were growing up?

Toby on the left and Mittens our current felines

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