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No glasses for classes

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

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Recently a woman shared a childhood story with me. When she was a young child she struggled in school so much so that she was falling behind in class. It was discovered that she needed glasses. Her mother was not interested in helping either of her two daughters do anything more than look beautiful & have brains. Glasses were a no no, she was told by her mother "girls with glasses don't get passes" I had not heard that one before, wow! It was more important to stay attractive to boys than to be educated.

She went through childhood with no glasses, still struggling in class & developed a squint which she became extremely self conscious of & felt a great deal of shame because of this. She is now in her 70's wears glasses & loves reading and writing, fortunately she no longer has a squint.

Do you have a story related to a childhood incident similar to this one? Let me know, it's a part of your history your story.

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