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Reasons I don't write....

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It's been awhile, I have been somewhat distracted and lost my focus the last couple of months with the uncertainty of the current situation and being in quarantine for ten weeks now. I've had lots of thoughts of writing, many ideas somehow frozen inside my head, or maybe they float straight through.

I have been focussed on finding a new "normal" figuring out my new laptop which is wonderful, becoming confident ish with teaching yoga via Zoom (the reason for the laptop) and generally adapting to the new lifestyle. I do believe that this too shall pass, although some days that seems far off. In many ways I'm enjoying the time at home, reading, baking, trying new recipes, gardening and finding many other ways to pass the time. Missing being able to see my son in upstate NY. Missing teaching in person, missing my yogis, hanging out with friends, entertaining, going out for coffee & dinner, all the things we all took for granted before a pandemic swept across the world. Yet I do believe that this too will pass.

Here is a lighthearted but real list I came up with for reasons that I don't write. Have a read through, can you relate to them, are some of them also stopping you from doing what you intend to do, writing, reading, fulfilling a goal? If so let me know, there's always an excuse, just beginning is often the hardest thing.

I was inspired to write the following after reading this post by an author I admire

Karen CL Anderson -

"Why do we quit on ourselves?

I'm too busy, I don't know what to post

I'm going to do it wrong and feel bad

I'm going to be judged

My problems are too big to solve

Those aren't facts. They are sentences in your mind. It's your brain trying to keep you stuck and unfulfilled because it feels safer to stagnate than to grow.

Note that I am saying it's your brain(specifically a part of your brain) ... not YOU"

Karen CL Anderson

Reasons I Don't Write

"I have nothing to say

I can’t think straight

My mind just goes blank

I’m just not that interesting, I’ll get it wrong

I don’t have a desk (I’ve had one for a year now)

I can’t find my favorite pen, the one with purple ink.

I don’t have time,

I’ll just do this first, clean the bathroom, cook the supper, bake a cake, make jam, clean the entire house, play with the cat, clean out my closet, water the garden, make a call, surf the internet, take a walk, clean the windows, do the laundry, empty a drawer, do taxes, check Face Book for over an hour, make bread, call a friend, stare out the window. I fill my Amazon cart and delete it several times over. Make a cup of tea, get something to eat. Sit and fidget. It’s just too hard, I can’t do it, I’m not a writer, it’s just not for me. Who wants to hear what I’ve got to say?

I take a deep breath

And sit myself down, pull out my note pad or perhaps its a lap top kind of a day.

I find a blank page and begin.

Random thoughts, there’s no order, pen to paper or is it fingers to keyboard.

See them fly, thoughts become words, sentences appear.

It’s not in any order, it might not make sense to anyone but me but words are forming, it’s not so hard, it’s a first draft not perfection I’m aiming for. I have momentum, I guess I’m writing."

Rachel Baer

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