• Rachel Anne Baer

Sound Healing

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Going out of my comfort zone & sharing some of my story of overcoming depression. It's something that can creep up on us almost without us realizing until it has really got a hold. Especially in challenging times like this, reach out, talk to a friend, many therapists are still "seeing" clients using the amazing technology we have now. Meditate, do yoga, eat well, exercise, these are all great for our mental health. Cut down on sugar consumption, this can really make a huge difference in our brain function. This article talks about how sound healing helped and continues to work for me. I will be glad to get back to sound healing sessions when life returns to "normal", meanwhile I'm using the internet as a resource for sound baths, here is just one of many out there. Give it a try, get comfortable, relax and enjoy. Thanks to the sound healers in my life, Kelly Nicholson & Colleen K Alexander.

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